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School Services

Guidance/Career and Transition Counseling

The Mill Creek School is committed to providing a comprehensive counseling program that supports academic, social, personal and career development needs of all its students. The school counseling department will assist students in exploring, planning, and realizing their individual interests, abilities, and goals to help maximize their full potential as productive members of society. The Career and Transition program begins when students enter the program and continues throughout their enrollment. Students work with the Guidance Counselor to help them identify career paths and guide their explorations into future endeavors. In addition, a bi annual Career Day is held to provide students with exposure to guest speakers' career perspectives.

School Based Counseling

School Based counseling helps students learn how to manage conflicts and social issues within the school and home. Social Skills training in some groups provides instruction to students who have social and communication difficulties. These areas can include challenges with understanding social cues, reading body language, and expressing thoughts and feelings appropriately.

Mill Creek Advisor

A key role of each staff member is to serve as the advisor for a small group of students. Responsibilities include providing guidance for meeting academic requirements and individual education plan goals. Advisors maintain ongoing communication with parents and school districts.

Family Program

The staff at Mill Creek recognize the difficulties parents and guardians face in raising children who struggle with academic and emotional difficulties. Our Family program is designed to create and additional layer of support, information, and opportunity through partnering and collaborating with the families and other service providersEmotional and Learning support

Please see the individual Emotional and Learning support pages to get more information.