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Mill Creek..."Behind the old wooden fence lies a true diamond in the rough among of alternative high schools... The calm and peace that came over me and my daughter when we walked into the school was no joke.The entire staff from the office, to the teachers, and each and every counselor was accepting and dedicated to each individual student. Their goal is to help each child set and meet their goals and they go beyond their scope to make sure they achieve them. I will be eternally grateful to The Mill Creek School and their mission"
- Michele Guthier (Parent)

"I was a student at Mill Creek School in the early 1970’s. Looking back on that time, it is easy to see how the school was instrumental in helping to shape elements of my future in many ways. First and foremost was the school’s ability to provide an environment where I not only felt comfortable, but encouraged and empowered. The school’s culture, and the way staff and students interacted made me realize that I was a unique induvial rather than a number in a massive student body, and in several ways helped me to understand and see untapped potential within myself. For me, without a doubt Mill Creek was the right school at the right time!"
-Steve Bitzer, MBA PHR

"I walked into Mill Creek a scared, confused and shattered teen. I walked out of Mill Creek a confident, prepared and successful graduate. The bonds and relationships I formed inside Mill Creek without a doubt, will forever be some of the most important ones in my life.I have gained forever friends that I thought I would never find... At a time I felt my lowest... they were always there for me every step of the way... each and every staff member...I will always be grateful for all the support and guidance Mill Creek has given me. I can confidently say I am where I am today because of the wonderful staff that makes up Mill Creek."
-Victoria Guthier (Mill Creek Graduate)

"I'm a special educator now and a graduate of your school (99). I just wanted to say thank you for giving me the chance to finish high school and move on from a difficult time. Your staff taught me what's really important and I still think back to them when I'm confronted with a challenge. I'm currently working towards a doctorate in special education because of your staff and what they taught me twenty years ago."
- Mike

"I have been able to do well at Mill Creek because the teachers just don't let you mess up; they stick with you until you do well. They also take the time to explain things. That works for me. You can work out your problems here and learn at the same time. I guess the small size helps you get to know one another well. When you feel bad, other students give you support. I never had that in any other school"
- former graduate