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About Us

The School: An Overview

For almost 50 years, The Mill Creek School has been a place where young people have had the chance to experience success in school.

Emotional or social concerns, difficulty adjusting to a mainstream school environment or patterns of self-defeating behavior may have created a roadblock that seriously affected the student's academic or social development. Mill Creek is a place where adolescents learn to trust and express their feelings, make choices and handle peer pressure, and establish satisfying and meaningful relationships while getting back on track academically.

The Mill Creek School is a secondary educational program offering a comprehensive academic curriculum for high school students. It is fully licensed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the State of New Jersey for grades 7 - 12.  Our approach is one in which we offer a personalized and supportive experience.

Mill Creek is a place where students are expected to fulfill their academic requirements, manage their behavior responsibly, and address personal concerns that have been problematic in previous school settings. To help them do so, it is recommended they be active participants in counseling outside of the school. Students are encouraged to engage the staff actively and openly around educational and personal concerns. The staff of the school is available throughout the day to offer the student assistance with meeting these expectations.

We were designed to enable adolescents who are struggling with personal, emotional, and/or educational difficulties to continue their studies and to improve their ability to be successful in school. The school itself is a setting where academic achievement and personal growth can take place together in a warm and caring environment. Student abilities usually range from Average to Gifted but we also program for lower level learners with emotional support needs. Class sizes can vary anywhere between 3 -10 students.

The school offers a full academic schedule of classes in which each student has an individualized program worked out with his/her Mill Creek advisor. Academic credits earned at Mill Creek are honored by the school districts from which our students come and the schools they leave us to attend. Students who graduate from Mill Creek have the option of receiving a Mill Creek high school diploma or their district's diploma. We have 100% graduation rate and about 98% of graduates go on to college while some others enter vocational programs or the workforce.