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Director's Message

Mill Creek School is a very special place. Here, young people have the chance to experience success and happiness in school, some for the first time. At Mill Creek we understand that school is much more that a proving ground for academic achievement. From the moment we set foot in kindergarten to the time we toss our graduation caps in the air, our sense of competence and worth is bound up with classrooms, schoolmates, and teachers. School is where we learn how to direct our creativity and curiosity, to trust one another and express our feelings, to make choices and handle peer pressures, and to get close to others without losing ourselves.

Because school is such a central fact of life, when a young person cannot succeed in school it becomes almost impossible to work through many other important aspects of growing up. Emotional difficulties, learning problems, or dependence can create roadblocks that seriously affect academic, social, and family life.Our teachers and staff believe that all young people deserve to have a school experience that helps them feel whole and capable, that teaches them about living as well as about learning. We help identify underlying obstacles before they become insurmountable and help the student develop a more satisfying life.

We may be a small school but we are big in our efforts. We educate the whole child. Our goal is to give our students the tools they need to carry them through their high school experience into adulthood. We don't want to teach them how to get through the now, we want to show them how to get through the forever.

This is what makes us so special.


Director since November 2017